The Mishimoto aluminum fan shroud kit for the Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995-1999 Turbo is the ideal upgrade from your standard OEM shroud. All Mishimoto fan shrouds are made for a direct OEM fit and are significantly lighter than OEM shrouds. They will increase your cars cooling performance by delivering a significant amount of air to your Eclipse turbo performance radiator and driving out excess heat from your engine. Mishimoto fan shroud kits safely secure the fan blades from any potential damage to other essential engine components.


Aluminum Shroud

(2) 12″ Slim Electric Fan

Overall Size:

Height – 16.5″

Length – 27″

Width – 3.5″ (including fans)

Mounting Hardware

(8) M6X20 Screws

(4) M6X16 Screws

(8) M6 Nuts

(12) M6 Plain Cushion

(12) M6 Elastic cushion