High-quality XX piston rings from Wiseco.

Wiseco’s XX piston ring sets feature a stainless steel, gas-nitrided, barrel-faced top ring. They also contain an under hook style, cast iron, phosphate-coated, taper-faced second ring. Oil rings in the XX sets are 3-piece assemblies with gas-nitrided rails and a stainless steel, flex-vent spacer.

– Bore (mm): Select below

– Top Ring Included: Yes

– Top Ring Thickness: 1.0mm

– Second Ring Included: Yes

– Second Ring Thickness: 1.2mm

– Oil Ring Included: Yes

– Oil Ring Thickness: 2.8mm

– Oil Ring Tension: Standard

– File Fit: No

– Gapless: No

– Top Ring Material: Steel

– Top Ring Facing Material: Gas nitrided

– Second Ring Material: Cast iron

– Second Ring Facing Material:

– Phosphate coated

– Oil Ring Material: Stainless steel

– Notes: Set for single piston only.