This new strutted 1400HD forging has been developed for turbocharged methanol Mitsubishi 4g63 engines, making 350+ horsepower per cylinder. Got a large aftermarket turbo, tubular manifold, high compression, nitrous, and methanol injection? – no problem. The forging has been designed around special 21mm and 22mm tool steel pins of .225? wall thickness.

2618 Alloy: The strongest alloy available with the best strength at high temperature and low silicon content, for low porosity.

Heavy Radii: Creating a large smooth radii from the skirts and pin boss into the crown prevents flex and cracking.

Piston Specifications:

– Stroke: 3.465″ (88mm)

– Rod Length: 5.905 (150mm)

– Compression Height: 1.378 (35mm)

– Head cc’s: 47

– Dome Dish: -14

– Gasket Thickness: .042″ (1.1mm)

– Deck Clearance: 0

– Block Height: 9.015: (229mm)

– Compression Ratio: 8.5:1 DSM, 9.0:1 EVO 8

– Pin Diameter: .866″ (22mm)