We all know the ABS system in the 1G DSM leaves something to be desired.

The system is hyperactive to begin with, larger wheels & tires only make the problem worse as the years go by. If you have fitted a larger brake kit the symptoms are further exaggerated. Replacement sensors are hard to come and expensive to boot, just to patch the system back together.

Before we could source replacement hard lines from Mitsubishi at a reasonable price. As the years have passed, they are no longer available. We had to come up with a solution for this. We have had 3AN stainless steel braided line made to mimic the factory under hood hard lines as closely as possible. These lines also come with a clear protective coating like our brake line kits as well. Where required we have included 3AN to metric adapters. These will replace the primary and secondary hard lines from the proportioning valve to brake master cylinder, as well as the hard lines that run to the front shock towers, where they meet the “soft” lines. Your existing rear hard lines will be reused.

This kit can also be used to replace damaged or missing OEM brake lines under the hood.

Available with or without a OEM 1G DSM Big Brake Proportioning Valve. If you are running the single piston caliper small brakes, please let us know!