If you are looking for complete control in a tuneable suspension for your track driven Evo X the Eibach Multi-Pro-R2 is what you are looking for. Eibach’s Multi-Pro-R2 coilovers allow for independent rebound and compression adjustments plus external reservoirs on each corner, plus complete control of ride height (-0.8″ to -2.0″) for corner balancing. An R2 equipped Evolution X GSR/MR will be a monster on the track allowing you extract as much grip as possible from your set up for your driving style.


?Double Adjustable Damping

?Remote, External Reservoir

?Stainless Steel Braided Reservoir Lines

?Ride Height/Corner Weight Adjustability

?46mm Piston Mono-Tube

?Precise Upper Spherical Bushing Mount

?ERS Springs Available in Various Rates

?Stainless Steel Damper Bodies

?100% Designed and Built in U.S.A

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