The Eibach Multi-Pro-R1 for the 08-’10 Evo X GSR or MR are a state-of-the-art, race-ready, coilover suspension package. The R1 system provides adjustable mono-tube damper design for maximum track performance. Rebound and compression damping are both designed to ensure proper damping balance at any setting. Your R1 equipped Evo X will have a height range adjustable from -0.8″ down to -2.0″ below stock which allows for precise corner balancing. Eibach’s dual-spring setup is dialed-in for maximum cornering performance.


?Single Adjustable Damping

?Ride Height/Corner Weight Adjustability

?46mm Pistons Mono-Tube

?ERS Springs Available in Various Rates

?Stainless Steel Shock Bodies

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