Tein Super Street-P Coilovers offer ride-height adjustability and also feature 16-setting damping force adjustment for increased tuneability. Designed for street use, Tein SS-P coilovers can be stiffened or softened to meet any of your day-to-day demands. SS-P coilovers are designed specifically for US market Evolution Xs, so fitment and quality is perfect every time. The Tein SS-P kit features twin-tube shocks, standardized straight springs, and steel construction for durability and quality. The kits can also be rebuilt and revalved by Tein, making them a complete long-term suspension solution.

The front, upper pillow ball mounts with the SS-P allow you to adjust camber by loosening four hex screws on each upper mount, which then allow you to physically adjust the camber of each wheel, and easily re-tighten the screws when finished. Camber and toe change drastically on Macpherson style suspension setups when the car is lowered. Although toe is probably something you’re not going to be able to correct without an alignment machine, camber can easily be adjusted with the SS-P’s upper mounts with simple hand tools.

Front spring rates 8kg/mm or 450lbs/in & rear 5kg/mm or 280lbs/in