Flex Coilovers
Flex coilovers are designed to provide the ultimate balance between comfort and performance. They are a completely different coilover from the Basic/SS line, utilizing a fully threaded shock body that is adjustable both at the spring perch and lower shock body for independent height and spring preload adjustments. The twin-tube damper design makes for improved reliability and longevity. These are Tein’s street/competition coilovers; they can be tuned for street use but will also be comfortable on the racetrack or autocross course. Tein Flex coilovers include upper mounts and are also fully rebuildable, making them a complete long-term solution.

FWD / AWD Specs:

Spring Rate (lb/In): F: 559 / R: 336

Upper Mounts: pillowball front, rubber rear

Adjustability: Height, Preload, & Dampening

FWD Adjustment Range: F: -0.9″ to -2.9″ / R: -0.6″ to -2.5″

AWD Adjustment Range: F: -0.7″ to -2.8″ / R: -0.6″ to -2.4″

EDFC Compatibility: Yes