For Front End Camber Adjustment on 1G FWD & AWD DSM and Galant VR-4

EZ Cams(TM) make non-adjustable two bolt struts adjustable up to +/- 1.75 degree camber change. Head markings show where the cam is for maximum change and an easy-to-manipulate toothed washer lets you set positive or negative change. Simply remove the upper OE bolt, loosen the lower bolt, install and adjust the EZ Cam to the desired change and then tighten everything to specification. This is an easy fix for camber issues and a perfect companion sale for any strut job. Save time, money and effort by making aligning two bolt struts a one man job without grinding. Keep one of each part number in stock, measure the OE threads, replace the OE bolt with SPC’s EZ Cams to make your alignment jobs fast and profitable.

Part No. 81250 – Pair

For replacement of 12mm bolts

Front Adjustment range:

Camber -1.75 degree to +1.75 degree

Installation time: .4 hr/side
Required: 1 kit per axle