·····S90 Throttle Body-70mm-EVO 8/9

S90 Throttle Body-70mm-EVO 8/9


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Designed by S90, These series of direct bolt-on throttle body are precicion CNC – machined from AL6061 – T6 billet aluminium and hard anodized for increased durability.

The throttle shaft and blade assembly are made from AL7075-T6 seprately to increase horsepower and torque by optimizing airflow to your engine.

With a Larger Oversized Throttle Body, you can supply as much Air as the Intake Manifold demands. Whether you have a set of Aftermarket Cams, Supercharger, Nitrous or Turbo, Oversize Throttle Bodies will deliver More Horsepower!

Oversize Throttle Bodies work well with Fuel and Air Upgrades. Use of a High Flow Air Intake is required, as the opening is larger than the Stock Intake Piping. Match Porting your Intake Manifold will help Maximum the Larger Throttle Body Diameter.

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