Bolt Pattern: 5/114.3

Center Bore: 67.1


Thead Type: 12×1.5

Spacer Type: DRS

Spacer Thickness: 5mm

H&R TRAK+? Wheel Spacers move your wheels and tires outwards so they are more flush with the fender??instantly giving your vehicle the perfect stance! High end sports car manufacturers use every millimeter of fender space available in their design for the best looks and highest performance and so should you. With TRAK+? you can fill the gap in your fenders and GO WIDE!

TRAK+? Wheel Spacers feature a ?perfect fit? hubcentric design that makes the spacer function as a precise extension of the axle hub, thereby guaranteeing precision wheel fitment.

TRAK+? are designed, engineered, and manufactured by H&R Special Springs??100% Made in Germany. Constructed from a proprietary aluminum/magnesium alloy created specifically for the H&R wheel spacer program, TRAK+? Wheel Spacers are extraordinarily strong and lightweight. Additionally, TRAK+? feature a hard anodized coating for surface durability.

The holding clamp / bolt in the brake disc / drum must be removed if our spacer shows no relief. The spacer must always fit flush with the hub.

These are hubcentric flat disc type spacers. The vehicle hub height must be tall enough to properly center the wheels after spacer installation. Please measure the vehicle hub height to verify.