Gates Racing Belts have been specifically designed for high output and high RPM performance tuning applications. Not only does the belt look different but it also is constructed with a high strength glass tensile cord to increase its performance and reliability. The belt?s heat resistant elastomer gives increased protection against cracking, and a specifically modified jacket material gives the belt increased tooth strength.

?The Gates Racing Timing Belts can be easily identified with an appealing blue coloured cover material.

?3 x more strength and durability

?Designed specifically for modified or turbo-charged engines

?Withstands EXTREME engine temp

?HIGH STRENGTH GLASS FIBRE Improving load carrying capability for transmitting more power & handling shock loads

?NYLON & ARAMID TOOTH JACKET Improving wear resistance for higher load carrying capability & increased durability

?PEROXIDE H-NBR ELASTOMER Higher heat resistance than standard belts