A must have when installing an aftermarket intake manifold. Most sheetmetal intake manifolds on the market today do not have mounting points for the stock coils so we have come up with a simple solution to that. CNC waterjet cut from 1/8″ thick aluminum, this bracket mounts on the backside of your 6 or 7 bolt block. It is designed to work with the 1G and 2G DSM coilpacks. Also included on the bracket are a few extra holes to mount the ignitor and other various sensors.

Please note that your AC must be removed for this bracket to work. You will need to supply your own hardware to bolt the actual coils to the bracket. This bracket will work with any aftermarket intake manifold and can be installed even after the manifold is on. Most spark plug wires will have more the enough length to reach the location of the coils. This will NOT work with a stock manifold however it does work well with the Jay Racing alternator relocation kit.