AEM?s Digital Boost gauge unites unsurpassed accuracy, speed and control with an easy to read, digital interface. The AEM analog gauge also offer a 0-5v analog output for use with data loggers and virtually any engine management system, such as the AEM EMS or FIC.


The AEM Digital Boost gauge features a AEM 3.5BAR brass sensor, making it among one of the fastest and most accurate gauges available. The bright LED display shows A/F ratio in .1 increments, and the sweeping LED “needle” lines the edge and changes color as ARF changes from rich to lean. The digital UEGO comes with both silver and black bezels and white and black faceplates that are easily interchangeable.


Gauge Readout from -30 to 35PSI

Includes easy-to-install harness and sensor

Complete stand alone gauge requires no additional sensors or programs to operate

Includes black and silver bezel and white and black faceplates

Ideal for both fuel injected and carbureted motors

LED displays provide precise reference to critical operating conditions and alert driver of potentially damaging operating conditions

Boost gauge includes AEM 3.5BAR brass sensor

0-5v analog output included for use with data loggers and virtually any engine management system

If you are running more than 35PSI of boost, use our 0-60PSI Gauge (PN# 30-4408 ).