Redesigned from the ground-up, with a light, compact and more efficient body, the Ultra-Gate38 sets a new standard for performance wastegates. Aggresively priced, the new Ultra-Gate 38 Street offers the build quality and performance features usually found on much more expensive, high-end wastegates. An investment cast body, temperature isolation zone, (a tried and proven system of preventing heat transfer from the body to the actuator) and a silicone Nomex diaphragm (renowned for its durability under extreme conditions) are just some of the performance features found on the Ultra-Gate 38 Street. A one-piece stainless-steel billet valve provides strength and reliability and is rated to 850?C (1560?F).

Wastegate Includes: 7 PSI spring (fitted), valve seat, 2 x stainless steel gaskets, mounting bolts and 2 x 1/8 NPT vacuum fittings. Kit Builder Packs available to customer specifications.