75W85 GL-5 Gear Oil

Popular in many Toyota light truck differentials and transfer cases

Also popular in many Formula racing transaxles, including Hewland LD-200 and FTR sequential

Contains additional friction modifiers for suitablity with clutch-type limited slip differentials – for most LSDs, no additional friction modifiers are required

This product is not designed for use in most manual transmissions or tranaxles with synchronizers, as extreme slipperiness may cause shifting problems

Known formerly as Lightweight Gear Oil

Satisfies the gear oil viscosity requirements of SAE 75W80, 75W, 80W, and 85W, as well as SAE 30 and SAE 10W30 motor oil

Recommended for API GL-5, GL-6, MT-1, MIL-L2105E, and SAE J2360


Fully-synthetic formulas created from polyol ester base stocks, offer excellent lubrication under extreme conditions

High viscosity-index (VI) to provide relatively constant viscosity and film thickness with varying temperature change

Ester base stocks and friction modifiers provide additional slipperiness to lower operating temperatures by reducing the sliding friction in hypoid gears

Superior shear stability and reduced oxidation compared to other synthetics and conventional gear oils

Exceed API GL-5 specifications

Engineered to provide the highest degree of protection and improvement of differential efficiency for better mileage, longer drain intervals, and less wear


API Service Class: GL-5+

Viscosity Grade: SAE 75W85

Vis @ 100?C, cSt: 10.5

Vis @ 40?C, cSt: 62

Viscosity Index: 160

Pour Point, ?C: -45

Pour Point, ?F: -49

Flash Point, ?C: 224

Flash Point, ?F: 435

Brookfield Viscosity, Poise: 500@-40?C