A new low buck mod to upgrade the brakes on your DSM!

Small brake DSM’s had 256mm (10.1″) rotors, big brake (dual piston caliper cars) used 276mm (10.9″) rotors. This bracket from the Mitsubishi Outlander will allow you to run a 294mm (11.7″) rotor. Over 1.5″ upgrade if you are still on small brakes!

To be able to use this upgrade your car must already have the dual piston brakes, otherwise you will have to source calipers. Please note clearance with OEM 16″ wheels is close, and since the 1G DSM used many different wheel designs over the years it is not possible to confirm fitment due to all the possible wheel choices. Aftermarket 16″ wheels seem to not have any clearance issues.

Qty. 2 per car.

Fits either left or right side.

Sold Individually