Concerned about your automatic transmission temperatures? Need something beefier than the OEM setup? But can’t find anything besides the cheap, thin “universal” coolers that install with barbs and hose clamps?

No worries we have put to together a solid kit for the DSM crowd.

Kit includes:

-B&M Supercooler rated at 15,000 BTU (11″x5.75″x1.5″

-8 feet of 6AN Hose in either stainless steel braid, black nylon braid, or black push on hose

-3 6AN Straight Black Hose Fittings

-1 6AN 90* Black Hose Fitting

-2 6AN Metric Adapters Black Fittings for the Transmission

-2 O Rings for the Transmission

-2 NPT Adapters Black Fittings for the Cooler

You will have to fab up your own mounting brackets to mount the cooler. Pictured is how it is mounted on a 2G DSM for reference.