– CNC machined velocity stacks.

– Redesigned head flange with ?? step for welding purposes.

– Head and TB flange edges chamfered for looks and safety.

– Plenum bottom edges machine beveled for better weld penetration.

The flanges are all CNC waterjet cut for precise fitment. Each plenum is press bent to reduce the number of welds which will assure maximum strength under high boost applications. The plenum measures 16″ long, 4 1/4″ deep, the plenum also features a 1″ taper design to even out the airflow, with a runner length of 5″. Velocity stacks are incorporated into each one to improve airflow by 10-15%.

The vacum ports are placed on the underside of the plenum for a clean professional look. They are finished off with a show quality, mirror like buff and polish. Included are 4 new 8mmx1.25mm 70mm bolts for the stock throttle body. These manifolds are designed for DSM’s with elimintated EGR. Some modifications to your coil pack mounts, and upper intercooler pipes may be needed, as this manifold sits down alot lower then stock.

PLEASE NOTE!: When ordering a JM Fabrications SMIM, please indicate in the notes section which throttle body you wish to have it tapped for.

Current available options are:

*1990 DSM Throttle Body *1991-1994 DSM Throttle Body

*Nitrous Bungs are also available for $25 (please indicate your need for these in the order as well)