Our newest addition to the EVO manifold lineup. This is our EVO forward facing turbo, tubular exhaust manifold. It places the turbo under the radiator support with the inlet facing forward for maximum air flow. Made from thick walled 304 stainless steel tubing. Featuring multi-pass TIG welded joints and CNC machined 1/2″ thick 304 stainless steel flanges. The ports are gasket matched and smoothed to perfection for the best of flow, each flange is surfaced for a leak free seal.

This manifold is for the hard core guys only! You will need to remove the AC system and use a 1/2 sized radiator. No cutting or frame modifications are required. Also available for this manifold is a V-Band O2 housing with the option for a recirculated wastegate or dump tube. Please contact us for more info. Designed for TIAL GT28/30/35 housings or PTE 62 trim V-Band housings along with your standard T3 and smaller footprint T4 housing. If running a divided housing 2 wastegates will be required.


Available Outlet Flange Configurations (Please note wanted outlet configuration in order notes):

–Open T3

–Open T4

–Divided T3

–Divided T4

–Tial  GT28/30/35 V-Band

–Tial GT40/42 V-Band

–Tial V-Band 62-67 Series

–PTE V-Band 68 Series