This includes all 3 of our Mitsubishi/DSM timing belt tools. We still ask ourselves what we did before we had these tools. Timing belt jobs still won’t be fun, but make it easier on yourself.

The Hydraulic Tensioner Compression tool will allow you to compress the hydraulic timing belt tensioner with the engine and tensioner mounted in the vehicle. This piece is 100% stainless steel construction to provide high strength and ensure a long life in your toolbox.

The Eccentric Pulley Preload tool will allow you to accurately apply the correct preload to the eccentric timing belt tensioner pulley with the engine mounted in the vehicle. This tool has a hex boss to accept your 8mm socket.

The Cam Gear Fixing tool will allow you to accurately fix the cam gears in position while installing your timing belt. No more using zip ties, vice grips, C-clamps, clothes pins, etc. when turning the exhaust side gear to align the marks.

For use on any 4g63 equipped DSM and EVO.