As a true bolt-on upgrade for the Mitsubishi Evolution X, the GTII 7460 is a ball-bearing turbocharger assembly that utilizes the factory exhaust manifold. The HKS GTII 7460 is a twin scroll turbocharger allowing a shorter and straighter exhaust path to the turbine wheel while delivering the benefits of less restriction and increased boost response. This allows full spool and stable boost pressure throughout the RPM range. Intake and exhaust port designs optimize the flow area to allow an increase in air-flow capacity while the ball bearing center housing rotating assembly (CHRA) improves low-speed response and quicker boost pressure ramp up times. Use of premium materials include inconel for the turbine wheel because of inconel?s resistance to oxidation and its ability to maintain its structural integrity in high temperature atmospheres. Special heat resistant cast material increases the reliability and durability of the turbine housing. 350+ horsepower is expected on well modified Evos.

* Features:

* GTII 7460 Turbo: 49 trim compressor wheel, .85 A/R Turbine Housing, and T2 inlet flange

* HKS Actuator

* Air Outlet Pipe

* Hard Water Pipes

* Gaskets, studs, lines, and hardware