HKS full turbo upgrades are designed and sized to promote phenomenal top end horsepower and a good range of response throughout the RPM band for the amount of airflow. The GT3240 will outflow the stock turbo significantly and not run of of steam at higher RPMs. The turbo mounts to the stock manifold and utilizes the stock heat shield for maximum performance. The front pipe and bypass pipe are designed to be used with stock catalytic converter. The GT3240 Kit helped propel the HKS CZ200S (CZ4A) Evo to a record lap time of 59’495 at the famed Tsukuba Circuit and is now being offered for street warriors and track bombers alike.

HKS’s 70020-BM007 Reloaded intake and 13001-AM006 HKS Intercooler & Intercooler Piping kit are REQUIRED with for proper fitment with this turbo kit. Please note that HKS GT3240 turbo kits are different depending on if you have a 5-speed manual GSR or 6-speed Sportronic-Shift (SST) transmission Evolution X MR, so please order accordingly. Some modification to the transfer case (shaving) is required for fitment of this kit on 5-speed manual models.

* Kit Includes:

* GT3240 0.73 A/R Ball Bearing Turbo

* GTII 50mm Wastegate

* Front & Suction Pipes

* Water & Oil lines

* All gaskets and hardware

* Now available for Sportonic-Shift Transmission (SST) models!

* PLEASE NOTE: HKS 70020-BM007 intake and 13001-AM006 intercooler and piping kit are required for installation. Actual kit may differ from photos.