GSC Power-Division is proud to release the much anticipated S-Series Camshafts for the EVO 9 4G63T MIVEC Motor. With 2 different profiles S1 and S2 cams that provide unmatched gains for anyone with a stock turbo all the way to a large GT37 series turbo. GSC also offers a Custom S3 grind that is designed for those pushing above the S2’s 900whp capabilities.

The S1 cams are designed for those with the stock turbo up to the GT30/50Trim. These cams will not sacrifice any bottom end loss over stock cams; nothing but gains and will promote faster spooling of the upgraded turbos. Gains of 25-40whp (depending on Turbo) have been seen by simply bolting the S1 cams in. Designed for a rev range of 3000-8000rpms, these cams work well on the stock valve springs. 300-450whp camshaft.

S1 Specs gsc-6009S1

Intake 268 Duration 10.98mm peak lift, Variable Centerline

Exhaust 268 Duration 10.50mm Peak Lift, 113 degree Centerline

The S2 cams are designed for those with a GT30-GT37 Turbo. No low end power is lost vs the stock cams when used with the larger turbo. The S2 cams will show gains of 40-50whp over the stock cams and in some cases more in the higher RPMS. Great for 2.0L engines revving to 9000rpms or for Stroker motors revving to 8000rpms. The S2 Cams require upgraded valve springs (check out GSC?s Chro-Molly Retainers and single valve spring kit for a perfect upgrade to your valve train). Designed for a rev range of 4000-9000 RPMS(2.0L or 3000-8000 2.2L+), 550-900whp applications. Not suggested for smaller stock appearing turbo setups. S2 cams can run on Factory ECU with custom flashing.

S2 Specs gsc-6009S2

Intake 274 Duration 11.2mm peak lift, Variable Centerline

Exhaust 272 Duration 11mm Peak Lift, 115 degree Centerline

The S3 Cams are avalible in a Solid Lifter cam and a Hydraulic Lifter Cam for the Evo 4-8 4G63. These cams are ment for the 1000whp+ to take advantage of a very large turbo. these are NOT suggested for anyone running smaller than the GT42R and should not even be considered!

S3 Specs gsc-6009S3S

Solid Lifter Design

Intake 290 Duration, 220@1mm Lift,11.5mm Peak lift, Veritable Centerline

Exhaust 290 Duration, 218@1mm Lift, 11.5mm Peak Lift, 116 Centerline

S3 Specs gsc-6009S3H

Hydraulic Lifter Design

Intake 280 Duration, 220@1mm Lift,11.5mm peak lift, Veritable Centerline
Exhaust 280 Duration, 218@1mm Lift, 11.25mm Peak Lift, 116 Centerline