Pressure Checked at 35psi

Bolt on design retains crash beam (3″ and 3.5″)

Fills entire grill with core

Eliminates excessive piping

Full Mandrel Bent 2.5″ Piping

Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps

3-Ply Reinforced Silicone Couplers

Short Route: Two feet shorter than stock

Lower piping flows over 20% more than stock

Upper Piping flows over 12% more than stock

24×11.5×3.0″ Bar & Plate Core, 1058cfm-700hp at 79% efficiency
(Direct Replacement – Requires Minor Trimming on EVO 8 – See Pictures)

24×11.5×3.5″ Bar & Plate Core, 1127cfm-750hp at 80% efficiency
(Direct Replacement – Requires Minor Trimming on EVO 8 – See Pictures)

24×11.5×4.0″ Bar & Plate Core, 1219cfm-820hp at 81% efficiency
(Direct Replacement, – May require trimming of crash beam)

Recirculation kit is only needed for Short Route UICP (Stock route UICP uses stock recirculation pipe)

The ETS Lancer EVO Intercooler is the best on the market, bar none. It features bolt on installation, eliminates the two up-pipes to the intercooler and fills the whole grill with core for a killer look and maximum efficiency. This unit also retains the factory crash bar and splash pans (3″ and 3.5″). The kit includes the intercooler, mounting hardware, silicone couplers, and SS T-Bolt Clamps. Check out the features below:

The ETS EVO Piping kit is designed to eliminate many of the unnecessary bends in the stock piping. Our piping starts off by immediately expanding into 2.5? diameter right off of the turbo elbow. This replaces the tiny 1 3/4? factory pipe and instantly frees up 15hp and greatly improves spool up. From here it follows the core support and wraps around to mate up to the intercooler. Once the air passes through the intercooler, the piping takes a short direct path around the core support, over the transmission and straight up to the throttle body. This unique routing is over two feet shorter than the stock routing which results in greatly improved spool up and transient response. With an 11% increase in cross sectional area, flow is increased as well.

Also available for those with a Front Power Brace from Cusco. We make a bolt on intercooler that fits within the brace.

Note: Stock Route Piping Does Not Clear Air Box.