·····Driveshaft Shop Rear 650HP Axle Bar Upgrade-1G AWD

Driveshaft Shop Rear 650HP Axle Bar Upgrade-1G AWD



Warranty: 1 year

This is our 650HP rear axle bar upgrade for the 1G AWD DSM. The factory inner and outer CV housings are very strong (made from 4130 from the factory) so what we have done is made a set of bars from a high grade aircraft quality material. The axle bars are made for the 91-94 4-bolt limited slip rear axles (not for 3-bolt) and the kit includes both bars with boots, clamps and grease. If you would like us to install your parts on the axle and do our special heat treat and temper to the housings we charge 100.00 per set extra.

Please call for RMA number if you would like to have us heat-treat/temper and install the bars for you.

Part Number: MIR1

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Weight 25 lbs