SEVERE STREET/COMPETITION – Works well with stroked engine and stock turbo. Responds well to bolt-ons. Pulls strong throughout rpm band.

Mitsubishi 4G63 2.0L, XE258HR, Stroked Engine & Stock Turbo, Responds Well to Bolt-Ons

COMP Cams Mitsubishi 4G63 performance cams will increase your horsepower and optimize the power band of your turbocharged engine! Exclusive XR lobe designs help spool up larger Mitsubishi turbos that tend to have slow boost response. COMP Cams Mitsubishi 4G63 performance cams are easy to install and drop right in without having to change valve springs or complete other cylinder head modifications. COMP Cams Mitsubishi 4G63 performance cams give you an unfair advantage to help you beat your competition.

*Note: These Comp stage 3 camshafts are designed for customers who race their vehicles with the “occasional” street use only. These cam profiles will have a lumpy idle!

Camshaft Specifications:

– RPM Operation Range: 2400-7300

– Intake Advertised Duration: 258 Degrees

– Exhaust Advertised Duration: 258 Degrees

– Intake Duration @ .050″: 212

– Exhaust Duration @ .050″: 212

– Intake Valve Lift: .411

– Exhaust Valve Lift: .395