This direct replacement cat back exhaust boasts 304 stainless steel construction, a custom high-flow straight-through muffler design and impressive exhaust note. Limited to a production run of just 50 units, this beautifully fabricated exhaust will not be available for long.

Significant attention was devoted to the packaging of this exhaust. Tubing diameter was increased to 3? and bends were kept to a minimum with large radii for optimum flow characteristics. Fitment was extensively worked to ensure maximum ground clearance to accommodate cars with very low ride heights. Designed as a direct replacement for the factory cat back exhaust, it uses all of the stock mounting points and is compatible with the factory cat pipe as well as the previously released COBB High Flow Cat Pipe.

The unique muffler in this exhaust is custom designed for this application and features an internal ?Y? to provide maximum straight through flow from a transversely mounted muffler. This design allows much higher flow rates than typical EVO X chambered transverse mufflers which significantly increase backpressure and limit total power output.

Potent performance need not attract the attention of over-zealous law enforcement. Despite the superior flow characteristics of the COBB EVO X Cat Back exhaust, it still conforms to strict SAE sound emission requirements of 95 decibels, even when paired with the COBB EVO X Downpipe and COBB EVO X Cat Pipe. The twin oval tips are positioned to mimic the factory set-up and follow the lines of the rear bumper cover, giving a purposeful yet subtle look