This is a full and direct bolt on that you can have on your Evo in just a few minutes with the right tools close by!

Recently a lot of overseas manufacturers have been flooding the market with sub-standard shifters that look a lot like B&Ms. But thats where the similarity ends. More importantly, these weak, imprecise and unreliable knock-off shifters can potentially cause serious damage. Protect yourself and confirm that you are buying a genuine B&M Precision Sport Shifter. The money you saved on the cheap knock-off will be short-lived when youre replacing your transmission. B&M is the undisputed world leader in manual shifter applications. With over 200 applications and a rapidly growing R&D list, we plan on keeping the title for years to come. Don’t short-change yourself just to save a couple dollars on the front end – a B&M shifter will be the last shifter you’ll ever buy. And with our million-mile warranty, you’re guaranteed satisfaction. Thats right, the product is guaranteed for the life that you own it! You won’t find that in any other model!

We are very proud to say that our Precision Shifters are supplied to tuners and OEMs throughout the world. You can find our shifters in Porsche, Mazda, Ford, Gemballa and other vehicles. No other shifter company can match our deep involvement on the OEM level….or our total commitment to quality for our customers who buy them.