Complete fuel pressure regulator kit using the best external regulator kit on the market, the Aeromotive A1000-6. We challenge you to find a more complete kit.

Includes the following:

-Aeromotive A1000-6 Regulator, available in the traditional red & silver or solid black anodizing.

-1/8 NPT Liquid filled 100 PSI fuel pressure gauge

-3 feet of push on or stainless steel hose.

-6 AN Fuel Rail Adapter, be sure to specify 1G or 2G rail style

-2 6AN 90* hose ends

-6AN O Ring Boss Plug

-6AN O Ring Boss to 6AN Fitting Adapter

-6AN to 5/16″ Barb adapter for the factory fuel return line

-All required O Rings

If your installation will require different fittings such as an extra 90* or 45* fitting please let us know when ordering, and we will make the adjustment, extra costs may apply)