AEM?s digital multi-channel Twin-Fire Ignition is the lightest, smallest and most cost effective ignition module on the market. This unit is available in four- and eight-channel configurations, works with O.E.M. coil-on-plug and distributed spark systems, and is ideal for applications that utilize aftermarket stand-alone engine management systems.

Our Twin Fire Ignition module is the only capacitive discharge ignition system available with dual capacitors. This enables the Twin-Fire to produce more spark energy and voltage per spark than any other available capacitive discharge ignition unit. AEM?s exclusive Twin-Cap technology stores the energy for two distinct spark events and allows for full energy for each individual plug, including high-rpm V8s, and even on rotary engines utilizing separate leading and trailing ignition maps.

Works with coil-on plug and distributed spark systems

Exclusive Twin-Fire technology uses independently-firing twin capacitors to store energy independently for two distinct spark events

Twin-Cap spark events are at full energy and can be simultaneous

540v primary/54,000v secondary voltage energy

189mJ spark energy per capacitor

Multi-Strike capability of up to 10 sparks per ignition trigger (20 degrees)

Smallest (5.5? x 4.625? x 1.375?) and lightest (1.5lbs) CDI on the market

Four- or eight-channel availability

Full spark energy with battery voltage as low as 9v

Tachometer output included

Extruded enclosure